19th February: Rubik Trio & Solodog

This week we welcome two new projects: Rubrik Trio and Solodog. Come and join us for a great night of original music!

Rubik Trio

Rubik was formed out of a mutual love of the classic piano trio format, and an enduring interest in the re-invention of the jazz repertory.  The trio utilises contemporary rhythmic approaches and reharmonisation to create vigorous interpretations of jazz standards, and also performs original compositions by band members. The musicians share a deep understanding of the jazz tradition and a collectively wide experience of performing other music including flamenco, tango and West African. The resultant trio sound is energetic and rhythmically acute, with a keen attention to melody; playful, highly interactive, and performed with commitment.

Andrew Oliver piano
Tim Fairhall bass 
Jon Desbruslais drums

Rubrik Trio


Solodog are an improvising quartet born of weekly jam sessions in a living room with the aim to learn how to play free jazz. The group has since expanded from 2 to 4 and has developed a keen rapport alongside a repertoire of original compositions. Sounds of Tim Berne and Ornette Coleman seem to be emanating from the group these days…

Matthew Herd alto sax
Kieran McLeod trombone
Sean Maynard Smith bass guitar/compositions
Will Glaser drums