LUME was 2! 2015


On Thursday 9th July 2015 at Hundred Years Gallery in Hoxton, a room full of people gathered for a special gig to mark two years of LUME. We assembled a group of musicians – from the London jazz/improvised music scene and beyond – to take part in a series of improvised performances. Who played in each set was determined using our dice and hat method, inspired by the long-running Manchester night ‘The Noise Upstairs’.

The evening featured….

Seth Bennett
Colin Webster
Hannah Marshall
Corey Mwamba
Joe Wright
Johnny Hunter
Martin Pyne
Olie Brice
Tom Ward
James Opstad
Andrew Lisle
Ed Riches
Adam Fairhall
Dee Byrne
Cath Roberts

We had a total blast.

LUME is 2 joe wright photo