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Thursday 29th @ THE HANBURY ARMS: The Button Band & Pocket-Size

LUME opens it’s doors to THE HANBURY ARMS in Islington this Thursday 29th . A lovely upstairs room that will be our home every other week. It keeps things interesting – we like to think.

This week an amazing double bill with The Button Band and Pocket-Size.

The Button Band

The band showcases original music by Andy Button, written specifically for this line up. Lyrical jazz with folk and country influences drawing inspiration from Bill Frisell, Loose Tubes, Brad Shepic, PigFoot.

Andy Button – Guitar, compositions
Andy Woolf – Tenor Sax
Dave Manington – Bass
Pat Levett – Drums

“reminiscent of Bill Frisell’s cross-genre explorations” – London Jazz

“upbeat township swing straight out of the Loose Tubes mould, good-humoured and infectious.” – Geoff Winston

“I’ve sort of learnt to play Jazz a bit and i quite enjoy it and it sounds abit like Bill Frisell sometimes, a bit, and various other jazz guitarists vaguely but don’t come if you’re sure you don’t like that sort of thing , but i quite like it, its not really very shreddy and i try and play sort of simple melodic things so you might like it. Definitely don’t come if you don’t like Jazz though. But i don’t mean sort of ‘mental’ Jazz, its not ‘Mental Jazz’. Its quite ‘normal’ in a way if you know what i mean. But if you don’t like Jazz it might sound mental to you. But by Jazz standards i don’t think its particularly mental. Alot of normal sounding harmony. Well, that makes it sound dull, but its not dull. Well i think it not dull. But then i would. My girlfriend likes it. Anyway i think you get the picture. Ish. I could send you a video if you’re interested.” – Andy Button

Sam Rapley – Sax
Joe Wright – Sax
Tom McCredie – Double Bass
Corrie Dick – Drums

‘Pocket-Size is a compact, portable quartet of up and coming young musicians, consisting of 2 saxes, bass and drums. Having all met through studying jazz in London, their music mixes elements of jazz and improvisation with other genres such as samba, folk and pop to create exciting new sounds that are accessible to everyone.’


The Hanbury, 33 Linton Street, Arlington Square,Islington, N1 7DU 0207 288 2222

Thursday 22nd August @ The Harrison: Tom Millar Quartet and Madwort’s Mechanical Mindset

This week it’s our first gig at The Harrison. We’ll be presenting two great bands in their basement bar, which is a cosy space that often acts as home for all kinds of folk gigs. The venue is only five minutes’ walk from Kings Cross/St Pancras, so hopefully should be easy for everyone to get to. Do come down and support us as we start moving around as bit for the next few months: the programme remains full of the same exciting music except for 19th September, which will now be ‘LUME’s week off’…

Anyway, this Thursday 22nd August at the Harrison it’s a double bill of bands led by Toms: pianist Tom Millar and sax player Tom Ward. Tom Millar, chair of the Way Out West musicians’ collective and the man behind the current incarnation of the Green Note Jazz Jam (first Sunday of every month) formed his quartet in 2011. With guitarist Alex Roth, bassist James Opstad and drummer Mike Clowes, the group play mostly Tom’s compositions and have been gigging regularly around London.

Tom Ward is bringing a brand new ensemble to LUME: Madwort’s Mechanical Mindset. After spending the past year or so establishing the Madwort Sax Quartet (where ‘madwort’ is an anagram of Tom Ward), he has recruited a rhythm section and is exploring his music in a more stripped-down lineup of sax, keyboards (Dave O’Brien), bass (Spencer Brown) and drums (Olly Blackman). Tom composes using Steve Coleman-esque number sequences as a starting point, and the result is intriguing groove music that transports the listener in unexpected directions. In his own words:

“The main thing I’m working on with the compositions for this project is an idea that I’ve come in several places – notably Slonimsky via Coltrane, but also Wayne Krantz’s iOS and elsewhere – of exploring ways of enumerating possibilities in order to stretch your intuition as a composer. Of course, some search spaces are too large to be enumerated (such as the universe), so, I’ve been using a couple of simple algorithms based on prime numbers & symmetry to derive little grains of ideas, little points in the search space. I then grow these ideas organically, filtering them through my own personal listening history, taste & intuition, until they gradually develop their own personality, their own character as tunes. I think the sonic pallet they take on reflects things that I’ve been listening to in recent years, which includes Steve Coleman, Alas No Axis, MF Doom, Tim Berne and others.”

Yeah! Come with us to The Harrison for an evening of new music! 28 Harrison Street, Kings Cross, WC1H 8JF. Doors 8pm, £5 entry.

Henry Spencer and Juncture/Carnival Rain: Thursday 15th August

This week at LUME we have an excellent double bill:


Led by trumpeter/composer Henry Spencer, the band performs original compositions that take on influences from a range of genres such as jazz, rock and minimalism. The compositions are written by Henry Spencer.

‘The most exciting band…engaging…these were serious artists who were refreshing and absorbed in their music-making. Definitely one of the highlights of the weekend.’ ( at Marlborough Jazz Festival)

‘Henry Spencer’s music had a unique focus and quality rarely experienced from others of his generation.’
‘Originals with real meaning’
(Paul Pace, Ronnie Scott’s, The Spice of Life)

Winner of Best Newcomer Award at Marlborough Jazz Festival


A warm summer evening, the air heavy as the sun sets and the sky begins to close…

Carnival rain is a collaboration between SE Collective members Alam Nathoo (Sax) & Matt Ridley (Bass), along with trumpeter/composer Joe Morris and F-ire Collective stalwart and Oriole bandleader/guitarist Jonny Phillips. Drawing on Tango, Flamenco and Jazz as influences, the band combine the subtlety of a chamber ensemble with the vibrance of latin street performers.

Doors 8pm, music 8.30pm, £5 entry upstairs an Hundred Crows Rising, 58 Penton St, N1 9PZ…5 mins’ from Angel tube!

Dee Byrne’s Entropi: Thursday 8th August

This week we welcome to LUME Dee Byrne‘s band Entropi! Dee put the group together while studying at Trinity College of Music in 2010 and they explore her growing repertoire of original music. Expect heavy grooves juxtaposed with outbreaks of swing, tight arrangements framing open-ended improvisation, abstract harmony mixed with melodic departures. This will be an intergalactic evening of space sonics! With special guests Nick Walters and Olie Brice.

For a taste of what might happen on Thursday, check out their tune ‘Orbit’:

More recordings, videos and info can be found on the Entropi website.

Dee Byrne – alto saxophone, compositions
Nick Walters – trumpet
Rebecca Nash – piano
Olie Brice – bass
Matt Fisher – drums