Dee Byrne’s Entropi: Thursday 8th August

This week we welcome to LUME Dee Byrne‘s band Entropi! Dee put the group together while studying at Trinity College of Music in 2010 and they explore her growing repertoire of original music. Expect heavy grooves juxtaposed with outbreaks of swing, tight arrangements framing open-ended improvisation, abstract harmony mixed with melodic departures. This will be an intergalactic evening of space sonics! With special guests Nick Walters and Olie Brice.

For a taste of what might happen on Thursday, check out their tune ‘Orbit’:

More recordings, videos and info can be found on the Entropi website.

Dee Byrne – alto saxophone, compositions
Nick Walters – trumpet
Rebecca Nash – piano
Olie Brice – bass
Matt Fisher – drums