16th October: Vole & Olie Brice (solo set)

A really tasty double bill this week, with a rare solo bass set from LUME regular the ever-excellent Olie Brice, and a set from Roland Ramanan’s ‘punk, funk, improv’ outfit Vole.


Between them, the members of Vole play with Peter Brotzmann, Ingrid Laubrock, Pat Thomas, Steve Noble, Alex Ward etc and are all leading members of the London Improvisors Orchestra. ‘By turns floating, funking and punking out, Vole stuff a range of influences and compositional devices into an improvised funnel and let them splatter all over the audience,’ says a Vortex Jazz Club blurb on their website. Influenced by the likes of Tim Berne and Henry Threadgill, improvisation lies at the heart of the music but it’s always framed within compositions that bring to bear their combined experiences of playing art-rock, groove-improv, punk, funk and jazz.

Roland Ramanan – trumpet

Ricardo Tejero – alto sax

Roberto Sassi – guitar

Tom Greenhalgh – drums


Olie Brice

‘Brice makes the entire body of his bass sing. He has the ability to deliver a fractal line that is as purposeful as any by the great jazz bassists, but to do so within an entirely abstract setting,’ wrote Brian Morton (Point of Departure) about prolific improv/jazz bassist Olie Brice. We’ve been lucky enough to have him appear at LUME in various different projects over the past year, and it’s always a pleasure. Olie is involved in several collaborative groups (Wolf Suit, Riverloam Trio, BABs, Catatumbo) and as a sideman in numerous others (Nick Malcolm Quartet, Mike Fletcher Trio, Alex Bonney Trio, Inner Space Music), but tonight none of these will be in evidence as he’ll be playing solo! A rare opportunity to enjoy an exploration of the double bass as the main focus of the set.

olie brice

We hope you agree this should be an excellent night of music. Join us….same LUME time, same LUME place…