12th September @ Hundred Crows Rising: The Jeff Chambers Variable n-tet

Large ensemble special! This week we’re excited to welcome Jeff Chambers and his sixteen-piece behemoth The Jeff Chambers Variable n-tet to LUME. On the move as ever, we’re pitching up at our original home Hundred Crows Rising for this gig, so cast your minds back to a month or so ago and those halloumi burgers, coffee sacks and (subject to availability) rugs of yore. We’d love to see you there: five mins’ walk from Angel tube and a short climb up some stairs.


“The Jeff Chambers Variable n-tet is a 16 piece band whose sound is skewed toward the brass end of the spectrum. All the music is composed by Jeff Chambers and draws on the depth and richness of the brass chorale, the harmonic language of modern jazz and the quirkiness and humour of popular music. Its influences range from Kenny Wheeler, Mike Gibbs and Loose Tubes to early Mothers of Invention and Hatfield and The North, the best band to have come from the intensively creative ‘Canterbury Scene’ of the 60s and 70s. In other words, this music is sonorous and humorous, with full and rich modern jazz harmonies underpinning memorable melodies and exciting jazz solos.”

George Hogg, John Eacott, James Copus, Henry Spencer

Magnus Dearness, Ed Rieband, Dave Hordern

Tuba/bass trombone
Jeff Miller

Andrew Woolf, Julie Kjær, Tom Ward, Cath Roberts

Tom Hewson

Amy Baldwin

Olly Blackman

Composition, occasional guitar, vocals
Jeff Chambers

Hundred Crows Rising, 58 Penton Street, London, N1 9PZ. Doors 8pm, £5 entry.