See you in the Autumn!

LUME is now on its Summer break. We’ll be back in the Autumn with more great music for 2016/17, but for now, have a browse around below at our past gigs.

Our 2015/16 season was supported by Arts Council England.


2016 gig archive

26th June (IKLECTIK) – LUME Festival!

5th June (The Vortex) – Mike Chillingworth Trio & Entropi

20th May (Hundred Years Gallery) – Richard Scott’s Lightning Ensemble & Sam Andreae (solo)

8th May (The Vortex) – Sloth Racket (album launch) & ELDA

16th April (Hundred Years Gallery) – Madwort Sax Quartet (live album recording)

3rd April (The Vortex) – Dave Kane Quartet & Corey Mwamba/Cath Roberts/Olie Brice

16th March (IKLECTIK ARTLAB) – Schnellertollermeier & Taupe

6th March (The Vortex) – Tom Ward/Adam Fairhall/Olie Brice/Andrew Lisle & Øyeblikk

18th February (London Review Bookshop) – En Bas Quartet

7th February (Vortex Jazz Club) – Njanas & Far Reaching Dreams

16th January (Electric Knife Records) – Hannah Marshall & Kordik Lucas

2015 gig archive…

2014 gig archive…

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