2014 gig archive

LUME gig archive: 2014

18th December – Rowland Sutherland Double Trio
11th December – Andrew Oliver Quintet
4th December – Splatter & Martin Speake/Malcolm Earle-Smith

27th November – Colin Webster/Alex Ward/Andrew Lisle
20th November (London Jazz Festival night 3) – Entropi & Quadraceratops
19th November (London Jazz Festival night 2) – Deemer & duck-rabbit
18th November (London Jazz Festival night 1) – Ripsaw Catfish ‘Shoaling’ with Corey Mwamba/Dave Kane/Joshua Blackmore
13th November – Destination Out & Paul Baxter Trio
6th November – Johnny Hunter Quartet

30th October – Han-earl Park/Dominic Lash/Mark Sanders & Strikethrough Me And You
23rd October – Daniel Thompson/Ed Lucas/Paul May
16th October – Vole & Olie Brice (solo set)
9th October – The Button Band
2nd October – Emma-Jean Thackray Quintet

25th September – Madwort Sax Quartet & Julie Kjær/Tori Handsley/Ruth Goller
18th September – Jon Desbruslais Quintet
11th September – Flea Circus
4th September – The Static Memories & duck-rabbit

24th July – Sarah Gail Brand/Mark Sanders
17th July – Busnoys
10th July – Huw V Williams Group
3rd July – Vicky Tilson Quartet (LUME 1st anniversary gig)

26th June – Shatner’s Bassoon
19th June – Stories
12th June – Corey Mwamba/Olie Brice/Cath Roberts
5th June – Metamorphic & Nut Club

29th May – Lauren Kinsella Quintet
22nd May – Nightjar & Andre Canniere’s Freeway
15th May – Flashmob
8th May – Alex Bonney Trio with James Allsopp
1st May – Ant Law Quintet

24th April – Ti/om & Molino de Otoño
17th April – Our Own Decay & Olie Brice/Fumi Okiji
10th April – The Stolen Project
3rd April – Barrel & Alex Bonney/Dave Kane

27th March – Steve Beresford/Julie Kjaer & Ripsaw Catfish
20th March – Colin Webster & Andrew Lisle
13th March – Vitor Pereira Quintet
6th March – Dave O’Brien Electric Trio

27th February – Wolf Suit
20th February – Deemer & Tom McCredie/Matt Herd
13th February – Pickpocket
6th February – Corey Mwamba/Martin Pyne (plus Cath Roberts)

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